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Ryan Taylor started his construction journey in Long Island, New York.  After several years, he looked to the west in search of a more genuine and sustainable way of building.  He landed in Colorado in the early 2000s, and immediately began to surround himself with a network of like-minded tradesmen and builders.  He has worked the majority of his career on custom residential homes in Boulder. His dedication to precise homebuilding and detailed woodwork has developed in him a sense of immense pride in his profession.  His core values have been shaped by the individuals he has met along the way, and they are as follows: Honesty, Integrity, and Community Service.



Candice is a proactive business leader with a diverse skill set and more than 20 years of experience in business and project management, business administration, operations management, contract negotiations, client relations, procurement, strategic planning, accounting & financial management.  Candice began working in residential construction in 2014 and has since played a pivotal role in 18 luxury custom homes ranging from $1 - $10 million dollars.  Candice's role at Taylor Construction focuses on business, financial, and project management and her strong communication and leadership skills keep projects running smoothly for everyone involved.  In her free time Candice is passionate about cooking, writing, hiking with her dogs and enjoying life with her husband and daughter.


Ryan and Candice are both extremely hard workers who take immense pride in everything they do.  Servant leadership is at the core of their values as they aim to serve the needs of their clients, architects & trade partners by taking ownership of the building process and maintaining accountability throughout the life of the project.


Company Objectives:

Deliver Within Budget

Deliver Within Schedule

Deliver Within Quality Standards

Zero Accidents

Good Customer Reference

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