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Project vs. Process - You Need a GC with Both!

Two of the things I fell in love with about the custom homebuilding business was the large, diverse team of people involved in the journey and the intricacy of the process. From excavators to masons, foundation crew to window installers, tilers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, structural engineers, architects and more, the process of building a custom home involves the energy of more than a hundred humans and several hundred product selections. Thankfully, despite a large number of horror stories about the construction process, most clients get through it with an end product that probably looks acceptable to a casual onlooker. Maybe it’s even a decent house altogether, but how was the journey to that destination? What type of energy was absorbed into the home during the building process and was all that negativity really necessary? Is this “just how construction is”? Ryan and I started Taylor Construction because we believe the answer to these questions is emphatically “NO”!


As Ryan and I interview for new jobs we are often asked what sets us apart from other contractors. Simply answered, as co-owners we have owner-energy on both the product and process side of construction, two equally important components. Many of our competitors are single owner run businesses where the owner (who is typically the sole licensed general contractor of the firm) is minimally hands-on, only involved in supervising both the product and the process and often has too much on his plate to nurture the heavy administrative project management of a custom home project, the detailed financial process, and the chaotic intricacy of the project schedule.

Ryan’s intense dedication to quality and precise homebuilding, coupled with his excellent leadership skills and hands-on approach to running a safe, disciplined job site are the components that lead to a beautiful product, a soundly built home. Ryan manages the schedule, keeping the team informed and the entire process on track.

My diverse experience in business operations/administration and project/financial management, along with my strong communication and leadership skills play a pivotal role in keeping things running smoothly for everyone involved in the Taylor Construction process. I nurture the behind-the-scenes details, and I love providing a great experience for clients, architects, subcontractors, and everyone else involved in the creation of a home. My behind the scenes support allows Ryan, the licensed general contractor, to focus his attention on complex and critical details of the construction project.

A poorly run process can lead to a lot of confusion and gaslighting about responsibilities. Don’t fall victim to this!


Here are a few signs of a poorly run process that can go unnoticed:

  • Slow and minimal email/phone communication leading to confusion and missed deadlines

  • Minimal or non-existent project tracking documentation leading to confusion, incorrect orders, and missed deadlines

  • Fire-drills and last-minute deadlines which, if unmet, lead to budget & schedule busts

  • Unqualified superintendent / site management - leading to increased chances of mistakes, accidents and budget hikes.

  • Little/low engagement by the GC/owner. What are the qualifications of the person actually running the job site?

  • Lack of change order tracking leading to severe budget surprises.

  • Lack of transparency and consistency in the billing process.

  • Lack of process ownership leading to lack of clarity for individual responsibilities among the team.

Avoid many of these pitfalls by hiring a general contractor who has the capacity to support all aspects of the construction process with the proper level of attention. Contact Taylor Construction today and let’s discuss your Boulder dream home!

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